25 Bookish Facts About Me // #BEDM



bookish facts

One of my favourite bloggers, Sarah at The Little Contemporary Corner, posted 25 bookish facts about her a few weeks ago so I thought I’d do the same thing here. I’ve realised I haven’t really shared very much about me on this blog, so this might give you a little insight into the bookish side of me! This is a fairly long post, so get ready…


1. For years, I’ve had an addiction to buying books in charity shops. It’s like an impulse that every time I go in, I MUST look at the books and it’s 90% likely that I will buy at least one. They’re just so cheap!

2. I don’t like movie covers of books, I like them to be the original book covers. I’ll only have the movie ones if I can’t find the original in the shop (e.g, my cover of The Martian is…

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