I’ve gone crazy.

1111 A little fun for Halloween. via MakeUpPlus

Maybe not completely crazy to the point where my mind is in non-stop euphoria or chaos–but, I’ve gone crazy. Bat shit crazy. Wildin’ out crazy. Throwing and breaking stuff crazy. Yelling crazy. Even wanting to go out nude crazy. Why am I telling you about these things? Am I proud of it? No. And this crazy is most certainly not me. But I am telling you this because it has happened. It’s real, and my blog is not only about flowers, butterflies, and all things precious. It’s about real life. Real emotions and real experiences.

Long story short, I was wronged to the point that I felt I had the right to go crazy. Maybe at first it was ok for me to react that way. It was ok to let them know how hurt I was. But to bring forth hell

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