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Portion of proceeds go to #savetherhino
Geza & the Bee

A children’s book inspired by the current crisis surrounding the world’s rhinos and bees. It is up to each one of us to ensure that we are not responsible for their disappearance from earth.
Geza & the Bee is a tale about the inter connectivity of life to inspire every child to love & respect nature. Geza, a baby rhino learns about the impact of his actions on the cycle of life as he tries to kill a bee. The story is shared in a light and humorous manner, with delightful insights on the life of a bee. Suitable for 2-9 year olds.
“I thought of using the Rhino and a Bee as characters to teach children the importance of every life form on earth, as they are both endangered species. It is my hope that these children will be…

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