EPIC band!!!


sister shotgun

Chloe Ozwell, Sister Shotgun Credit: Steve Nunn at Dart Media

Sister Shotgun are a female fronted up and coming 5 piece rock band from West Midlands, UK. Sister Shotgun have appeared in Kerrang! Magazine and are always on the go performing gigs locally and around the country.

I had the opportunity to interview Chloe Ozwell, lead vocalist of Sister Shotgun. Chloe introduces us to all the members of the band as well as giving us an insight to what Sister Shotgun are all about and what’s to come. Sister Shotgun are on the verge of releasing their new EP, Devour and have recently completed a video shoot for the music video to their first single from the EP.

I was super excited when I had this interview confirmed in the schedule. Sister Shotgun are an amazing band from my local area and deserve all the support. Don’t forget to check them out; you’ll find…

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